Here at RXBAR we believe in using real ingredients. Our bars are made from ingredients you might find in your kitchen or pantry. 


To us, clean means that our products are made with as few ingredients as possible. These ingredients are derived from real foods. We strive for minimally processed ingredients and we don't add anything artificial.


We like to think of our products as a whole food option for anywhere or any time. We've created our products from real, clean ingredients.


A high quality complete protein, stacked with every essential amino acid your body needs to function. All our eggs are free range and sourced from the EU.


Provides essential nutrients like antioxidants, potassium, and fibre to help you feel for fuller longer. Dates make an excellent binder and enrich the taste of our foods.


Our foods include a variety of nuts and legumes: pecans, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, and almonds. The nuts and peanuts we use are not raw, as they are heat treated as safe to consume.


Cacao beans are ground, liquified, and solidified to create cocoa mass. The cocoa mass in our food does not contain any added ingredients (dairy, soy or sugar).


The natural flavours used in our products are obtained from materials that correspond to substances that are naturally present and have been identified in nature.


We focus on the holistic quality and safety programs of our ingredient suppliers when deciding who to partner with.
We source as many ingredients as possible from within Europe.
We take great care in working with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients for our products. 


Our products are gluten free. In order to label a product as “gluten free,” regulations require that the product must comply with the law of less than 20 mg/kg of gluten. We test to make sure we meet the EU regulations.
Depending on the flavour, our bars can contain nuts, egg whites, and peanuts as part of their ingredients. If you have any allergies to these ingredients, you should consult your doctor before consuming. Please check the food label for detailed allergy information.